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In response to various harsh criticisms of Crap Attack.

09 November 2006

A review by Nebulize My Mind.

It seems so far all anyone in the media is doing is trashing We Are Scientists’ new b-sides release. Unfortunately, the main reason seems to see they misunderstand the band’s intentions. In this review, I will defent the band’s intentions and hopefully give you a better idea of what to expect.

First off, there seem to be mixed feelings on the opener, “Ram It Home.” First off, I recommend you listen to it for what it is, instead of going in with false expectations. It is not WAS’s style, but that is intentional. We Are Scientists originally wrote this song for a completely separate band, as a joke. That band were actually of the style you hear in the song, until that band changed things up. In their own words, “This is a tune that we wrote a while back for the band of some friends, a band that was going to be an 80's cock rock band.” The band changed their style, so the We Are Scientists had this song sitting around, and decided to record it anyway. And if you listen to it for what it is, it really is catchy. So, going into this one, don’t expect what you already know from We Are Scientists.

A word about “Surprise.” It’s only OK. I am admitting this to you right now.

The Under the Sea remixes are really for fun. It all started back in the day with “Mothra Under the Sea” on their Bitching! release, when We Are Scientists actually took their song “Mothra vs. We Are Scientists” and gave it a very undersea feel, adding keyboards and some fun distorted vocals. They continued the concept semi-successfully with “Callbacks Under the Sea,” but after that, they unfortunately just used the label to mean acoustic. It’s a shame, really. However, these acoustic versions exist because that’s what bands do. Don’t hate tWAS for doing what people have been doing for years. I, personally, really enjoy the acoustic version of “Textbook,” and the “Nobody Move” one’s not too bad either. The acoustic counterpart for “The Great Escape” is admittedly mediocre, but still fun nonetheless. In my opinion, they should have been a little more sparing with their acoustic choices, but I do enjoy the ones I already mentioned.

And now for the covers. People have been trashing the covers like crazy. The idea to cover “Hoppipolla” came after they covered it in the Live Lounge, quite impressively. This new version may or may not have been necessary, but you have to admit it’s cool to hear. Keith doesn’t always let his vocals shine like he does in that one. As for the cover of “Bang Bang Rock and Roll,” please, please don’t trash it. Its genius is this: they covered the song in an almost perfect duplication of the sound of the Velvet Underground. They did with the direct intention of making a joke out of the line in the song “I don’t like the sound/of the Velvet Underground. If you listen, you’ll realize just how genius the cover is. One reviewer said they were mocking Art Brut’s sound with the cover… that reviewer has obviously never heard Art Brut.

As for the leftover b-sides I haven’t mentioned, well, I still like them. Most of them are in the style of WAS, and some of them (especially “This Means War”) are of definite album-caliber, some even barely missing being on the album.

So all I ask is, reviewers, please understand where tWAS are coming from with this release. Yes, it was their choice, not the record label’s, though it was mainly the DVD they’d been talking about doing. I, for one, am glad I’ll finally have a way to legally pay for all those b-sides I’ve been listening for so long. But I just wanted to make all this clear. Thanks for reading.

-Nathaniel Hutchinson, owner and operator, Nebulize My Mind


23 March 2006

Wow, we're idiots. A few months ago, We Are Scientists released their major label debut, With Love and Squalor, on Virgin Records in the United States. Pick it up, ya know? In other news, "It's a Hit" is the new single, featuring (in the UK) b-sides "The Great Escape Under the Sea" and "Surprise," a brand new studio track that departs from the band's usual expected style and works wonders. One of the vinyls (the blue one, with 'Surprise' as a b-side) even comes with a poster!

With Love and Squalor released in the UK!

11 Novemeber 2005

Aren't we quick with the updates? We Are Scientists' second (though they like to call it their 'first') album 'With Love and Squalor' is now out (and has been for a while) in the UK. Get it. Enjoy.

The Great Escape Single Released in the UK!

04 October2005

Today is your lucky day, the day you have something brand new officially released by We Are Scientists. Today is the release of their second single off With Love and Squalor, "The Great Escape." Pick it up in your local shop if you're in the UK, or, if you are stuck in the US like me, I recommend disc-n-tape.co.uk for your purchase. If you email them and ask nicely, they'll even let you pre-order the album! Also note that they have the latest Editors single in stock, and again if you ask nicely, you can order the Editors album. Now get to buying, and get to buying soon, so that this single will make the charts!

Music Video Project Confirmed

03 September 2005

In a recent email with Keith Murray of We Are Scientists, various small bits of interest and information were revealed. The confirmation most of interest is that they are indeed working on creating a music video for each song, as the recent revelation of the music video for "Inaction" seemed to reveal. Apparently, all but two songs have been completed, though Keith himself still has not seen all of them.

In addition, Keith has stated that "This Means War," a track that fans of The Wolf's Hour EP had found surprisingly missing from the With Love and Squalor tracklist, will be a B-side on the CD version of the "The Great Escape" single, which, according to various apparently accurate websites, is to be released October 3rd, two weeks before the historic release of With Love and Squalor on October 17.